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Citronol manufactures hand cleaners, general purpose cleaners, barrier creams and degreasers for the industrial, commercial and retail markets. We specialise in product formulas that have industrial cleaning strength, but are still user friendly and biodegradable.

aboutCitronol was established in 2004 when a gap was identified for hand cleaners that are powerful enough to clean grease, don’t damage hands and are better for the environment. A formula was developed that cleaned and moisturised hands and was biodegradable. Our product range has since expanded beyond just our specialised hand cleaner range to include Heavy Duty Cleaner, Pine Gel, Multi-purpose Cleaner, All Purpose Cleaner, Dishwash Liquid and Deluxe Liquid Hand Soap.

We produce locally according to international standards and Material Safety Data Sheets are available for all of our products. We have a level 4 BBBEE certificate.

Our nationwide network of distributors and resellers offer direct purchasing for end users. Customers can also purchase directly from us at our Recommended Retail Price.

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